INSTANEWS: Wabongo wa Mvaa Rosemary Odinga Aliyesema Olduvai Gorge Ipo Kenya!

Rosemary Odinga, mtoto wa mwanasiasa mkongwe wa Kenya, Raila Odinga anatamani Instagram isingekuwepo!


Ni kwasababu tangu aombe radhi kupitia mtandao huo kwa kauli aliyoitoa kwenye mkutano wa viongozi vijana wa kimataifa, IYLA kwenye umoja wa mataifa kuwa Olduvai Gorge ipo Kenya, amekuwa akioga mvua ya matusi.

Kupitia Instagram, Ms Odinga aliandika:

I have just been reminded of an incident which occurred while attending IYLA in New York last year where I had a Freudian slip. Apparently our brothers and sisters from TZ are alarmed that I have grabbed their Olduvai Gorge. I meant to say our equally historic Olorgesaiile site in Kajiado. As I have learnt, what happens in New York doesn’t stay in New York. So, what would Magufuli do? Sorry Tanzanians, your Olduvai Gorge is safe. In the spirit of one East Africa let’s shake hands after all at the end of the day we are the cradle of humankind

Hadi sasa post hiyo ina comments zaidi ya 1,200 na nyingi ni matusi kutoka kwa watanzania wanaohisi kuwa bado anaendelea kusema uongo na kwamba hajaomba radhi kutoka moyoni.

Hizi ni baadhi ya comments:


Woman be respectful you’re addressing a country so drop that sarcastic tone and don’t sound so patronizing we’re not your cousins. First of all making a public statement on something you claim to have mixed up is stupid, does that mean you don’t really know your historical sites and you’re supposed to be a leader? Second “apologizing” to the world in your tiny insta page says how stupid and disrespectful you are. I feel for Kenyans having to put up with kids like you being leaders. Have manners, this is Africa.


U said, u were changeled and that was your story. You knew exactly what u were talking madam. You think the only mistake was saying Olduvai gorge is in Kenya? If you mistakenly said Olduvai instead of that Olorgesasaiile then you wanted the world to believe the oldest fossil was found in Kenya n not Olduvai Gorge, that is also another thing you should apologize for. Weven have witnessed a lot of mistakes from you guys, like mount Kilimanjaro is TOTALLY in Kenya, you produce Tanzanites and even Diamondplantnumz is a Kenyan rapper. HOLLY CRAP!! We just couldnt let that pass


You can’t cheat us, you did it deliberately. That is what you were sent to do. I feel sorry to your country having a young leader as you who is not honest and not sure of your own identity. I think you did a course in cheating, eti have been reminded of what I said during the conference in US, do you want to tel us that you did not watch that video after the conference and identify your own mistakes. Apologizing to us is not enough, what about the delegates who attended the conference. An educated fool


Apologize properly please and not this sarcastic verse you have written. You knew u were lying and yet you embellished that lie with so much emotions and stuff. You need to make a formal apology to Tanzanians for claiming their Historic site and you need to apologise to those people who were listening to you at that conference. What kind of a woman are you? Cradle of mankind really? And you claimed your teachers taught u in school do u wanna start a war???? Kenya is a beautiful country in its own right and theres so much to say about Kenya my question is “why did you feel the need to lie through your teeth like that?” We TANZANIANS are waiting for a proper apology


Dont mess up with Tanzania again, there is no correlation, semantic, Geographic or any other connection between Olduvai Gorge (Two Words) and Olorgesaiile….These words cannot and will never be used interchangeably. It wasnt an accident or a coincidence, this is a continuous acts of Kenyans to steal our identity, and own it to yourselves, Kilimanjaro and The Serengeti to mention just a few. It’s not the first time, but it should be the last time. You should also consider pulling Mt. Kilimanjaro adverts out of KQ




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